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Most of us think parenting is an easy job, but until you become a parent yourself you never realize how hard your own mother, father or both have worked to be the best they can. Mostly the sacrifices they made to make sure you get everything you want and need. However, there are situations where they can go wrong as well. Hence, we have to accept the fact that everyone is a human being and every human is fighting their own battle of meeting their daily expense and making a living out of the income they get. But where do they actually go wrong? Most of them believe if they spend a lot of cash on their off springs and get all those goods they point at, they are done with their responsibility. No! Parenting doesn’t end there, in fact it starts there.

Mother’s love

A mother’s love is something which cannot be replaced by any amount of love showered by anyone in the world. It is evident in most of the scenarios where infants are thrown away heartlessly by their parents and they were brought up by the orphanages in their locality. Such situations affects them mentally and most of them when they grow up they show symptoms of psychological disorder, in other cases they act violently or arrogantly with other fellow students at school. It has been proven that when they lack from love that should be given to them, especially from a mother’s love in their life, they show their suppressed emotions in other forms, mostly in the form of violence. Therefore, these young ones should be taken to top quality child development center who provide adequate measures to help and bond both the parties.

Tap aesthetically

our society has developed to think in an old school way where boys should engage only in sports such as rugby, football ,cricket and all other manly sports .Also, they should study engineering , piloting which depicts their masculinity. Meanwhile, emphasizing on the fact that they shouldn’t enroll in courses like nursing or become a music teacher which are mainly done by ladies. But that is considered as a conventional way of thinking. Whether it is a boy or a girl each individual has their own right to choose their subjects, courses in undergraduate level, masters and PhD level. They should be given complete freedom to engage in aesthetic activities such as music, dance drawing since young days without being neglected .Their skills should be identified at early stages and they should be provided a fundamental base to develop them when they grow up and enter the working society .They should also make effort to take them to the art class for kids in Hong Kong which are available in their cities or even online whenever they can make time. Because if you stay oblivious from giving the necessary attention in the beginning, later it is going to be hard for you to fix what they have missed.

Thus give attention to the two reasons explained above!

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