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In early days when the concept of first aid was non-existent, many people use to die in the work field due the precautions that were not taken during work and people did not know how to give the immediate medical treatment. Due to the lack of information train, people use to suffer a lot because either they would die, or they would injure so seriously that they would a part of their body that would lead them to work no more. The first aid course was designed with the idea that it would save lives and make the work field or site the safe and secure area for the workers.  

In the first aid training, the students learn the CPR and all sorts of other medical treatment that could be given right on the spot so that whenever they encounter any sort of situation they are at least able give the effected the basic treatment and save his life. If the injury is not deadly then only the right first aid would just fine give the condition, it is done properly. The level 2 first aid courses Melbourne are better than the level 1 and that is why companies want their employees to get the level first-aid certificate because in level one only a few of the things are taught but in the level two, there is much more to learn as compared to the first level and people who have the level 2 certificate can perform much better.  

The confined space course Melbourne is now an essential part of the job for the employees and they are sent by their company to complete the course and then they are allowed to go on the work field. With the proper training and knowledge, the workplace would become safer for the employees and there is an increase in the teamwork. Employees who are working in confined places can take precaution while working there as the confined place can be pretty suffocating and hence, difficult to work in. Then the employees waiting for their partner outside know how to handle the situation if something goes wrong inside.  

In a nutshell, the first aid course is crucial for the workplace as the workplace is full of objects that might lead a person an accident and sometimes the unhealthy lifestyle of the person is also the reason why some medical situation occurs on the workplace and hence, it is also advisable for the companies who are ignoring this thread to get their employees the proper course because the is in the benefit of the company and the employees both. 

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