16th Oct 2017


Getting Your Child Ready For Preschool – A Short Guide

There are few things you can do so that children can easily transition into the new environment and enjoy the learning process. Introducing your child to certain activities or creating an encouraging educational environment can help them get prepared for their new experiences. This will also help them develop an interest for learning as well. There are common worries that you might have when they first start out, but it will get easier when they adapt to their new surroundings.

Practice Reading And Writing

A great way to let children get a head start on their education is to encourage reading and writing at home. However, take care not to over-whelm them with too much of information, instead keep things simple and interesting with colourful picture book with large letters or activity books. You can teach them to write their full name and address, the entire alphabet as well as some numbers too. It need not be very complicated, but do give them some breathing room to absorb the information when learning to read and write.

Improve Their Listening Skills

Listening is an important part of early education for children. This is why simple things such as reading stories to your children or talking to them about different things can keep them engaged – and they will pick up new sounds or words. Being enrolled at an effective english nursery in Hong Kong can involve different syllabuses or learning programs as well, so encourage them to read English books and talk to them in English as well. This will be very useful if English is not your first language.

Do Fun Educational Activities

Being enrolled at an international kindergarten in Hong Kong or one that follows the local syllabus will still have something that is common – which are creative activities such as art and crafts. You can give them a head start and encourage their creative side by doing craft projects together, sending them for children’s art classes or workshops. You can also include fun educational material that involves simple math and reading exercises.

Encourage Good Behaviour And Social Skills

Having play dates with other children early on will help them develop their social skills and interactions. Encourage them to play nicely and share toys or activities with the other children. It’s also good to explain how to ask for things and deal politely with teachers or children. A kindergarten is an environment where they will be interacting with other children and develop their social skills with others – so it’s good for them to have play dates before they get started.

3rd Oct 2017


Stay Professional As A Gym Instructor!

Being a gym instructor is a huge responsibility. Because most people look up to you and also they rely on your instructions and guidance. It is your responsibility to guide people in the right way and it is truly a pleasure when they succeed. Today’s world is an extremely busy as well as a competitive one and therefore, people have very high expectations and sometimes, their needs and desires are totally irrational. When you help someone in a gym you can understand this properly. For instance, there are so many people who want to get an excellent stamina and a great shape within weeks. It is almost impossible to tell them how the real world works. It is a responsibility of a professional gym instructor to explain everyone how to be healthy.

Becoming an instructor is not really an easy task. Because you will have to be an example to people who look up to you and if you do not have a good stamina or a health, people will doubt your guidance, definitely. Therefore, you must have determination and you should sacrifice your free time to become healthier. Continuing education credits are also an important factor to consider and you should make sure to follow personal trainer cec courses to stay professional. These learning processes will help you to stay at top of the game and you will be able to help your clients better. Sometimes you will have time to follow these programs but now you can find them on internet as well. You can simply get registered and you can then learn those programs when you have time. There are national camps, workshops and seminars for gym instructors and you should not miss these opportunities. Because you will meet new people and professionals that can help you to sharpen your knowledge.

Most people think that becoming an instructor at a gym is the hardest part but his not quite true. Hardest part is staying professional and at the top of your game as an instructor. You will have to follow cec accreditation coursesbasic-skillsperiodically and you will also have to workout to stay healthy. All these things have to be done while helping out your clients. therefore, it is not really an easy task to stay professional.Manage your days properly and draft your every move comprehensively. When you stick to a tight schedule, you will find it easier to function. Also, be patient with your clients, always. Have some time for yourself because you should time to enjoy yourself too!